10 Top Tips to Ensure That Your Office Transition Goes Smoothly

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When it comes time to relocate your office, it's very easy to neglect details that could impact the way you do business.  Since we know a thing or two about office transitions, we put together a list to help your business address the challenges of your office expansion, relocation, or consolidation.

Here is our Top 10 List to keep your business on track:

Give your landlord notice – Communicate your move with your current landlord so you can reserve freight elevators on move day.

Check lease for space restoration conditions – You might see items listed such as, “Restore space to original condition,” or “Space to be vacated in broom swept condition.” Make sure you are prepared to deal with any last minute clean up.

Make a checklist of existing furniture and office equipment – This is to make sure that you account for all items during your move. And it helps to evaluate what items aren’t going to make the cut.

Complete space planning – Work with a furniture vendor like Rightsize to determine how best to blend your existing furniture into your new space with potentially a combination of pre-owned, refurbished, and new office furniture. If you are planning on getting rid of all your old furniture, now is the time to design your layout with new products.

Place any furniture or equipment orders – When it comes time to occupy your new space, make sure that you have ordered any new materials well in advance so it’s ready before you move in.

Think critically about staff placement – Being organized when it comes to where staff is going to be located in the new space will help determine placement of copy machines and other business equipment. For example, if your content team is in one part of the office, setting up the printer nearby will help maximize office efficiency.

Consider your technology – Once the space planning is completed, it’s important to make sure electrical outlets and internet capabilities are set up for each workstation, or office. Allow for ample time – every building ha different technological requirements that have varying lead times.

Donate the leftovers – Make arrangements to donate any furniture, fixtures, or equipment that isn’t going to be relocated to the new space. Rightsize can help.

Reserve movers – Enlisting the assistance of licensed and insured movers who have experience with decommissioning and reconstructing your office furniture will make all of the difference. And if either your new, or old office is located in a union building, the movers you hire must be union as well.

Space restoration – Make sure to follow the lease and remove all items from your space. This means making time for decommissioning unused items, cleaning the space and even breaking down any walls, or tenant improvements.

By following our lead, your business can get the head start it needs to complete a successful transition. We know it’s a lot to digest. Don’t let your upcoming transition disrupt the way you do business.

If you need any help, please contact a Rightsize for a free space plan consult.

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