A Printing Company Gets a New Look with Refreshed Furniture

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A Wisconsin-based printing company was in search of a customized and affordable plan to relocate its office. Rightsize managed the process from start to finish, providing space planning, furniture specification and procurement, and delivery and installation, as well as decommissioning services for both the former office and the new location.

The client, which produces high-quality calendars and specialty printed products, wanted a bright, visually appealing space to complement its brand. It also had a firm budget in mind. Rightsize helped the company balance these two priorities, offering a BLENDED SOLUTION, and refurbishing and reconfiguring existing furniture for a new look.

“The project was a great example of what Rightsize can do,” said Workplace Solutions Manager Michelle Mintzlaff. “We looked at assets they had from the old and new locations, and developed a cost-effective solution. Our expertise allowed us to lay out a schedule and back up from the move-in date, helping them understand when we needed to get involved – which was much earlier than they thought.”

Rightsize’s first step in the planning process was to meet with company stakeholders, asking the executive team and department managers about their specific needs. This gave Rightsize valuable insight into how to structure the new office.

“We did a ton of programming on the front end, which helped the overall process,” said Mintzlaff. “We went through and understood how they worked. Before presenting a design or trying to sell them product, it was really about understanding them as an organization.”


The previous office felt dated and closed-off, and the client wanted a more open and modern environment. The Rightsize team created the floorplans and layout for the new space, recommending smaller workstations in the open-plan area to make room for 24 private offices (an increase of around 20) and four conference rooms. Rightsize worked with a general contractor to complete the build-out.  


The company’s aesthetic is colorful and artistic, and Rightsize worked with the client to incorporate fresh, branded elements into different spaces, from bold framed prints and vibrant accent walls, to reupholstered tack boards and updated table surfaces.

“We kept a lot of old furniture but introduced creative new elements; it kept the cost down but spruced them up,” said Mintzlaff. “They love their new space.” 


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