How Branding Helps You Tell Your Company's Story

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Where employees work says as much about a company as all of its marketing materials combined.

An office is a reflection of a brand as a whole – and it often makes a lasting impression on the people who visit it, from prospective clients to new employees.

If you’re planning an office update, whether moving into a new building or remodeling existing space, think of this as an opportunity to tell your brand story more effectively. Be thoughtful and intentional about how you incorporate branded elements, and look for ways to stand out from competitors.

Start with the foundation. 

You want your workspace to communicate the essence of your brand: core values, mission and character. Interview both management staff and employees to uncover who they are, where they believe your company is headed and the image they want to project to customers. How does your company stand out from competition? How do staff work during the day? What does the current workspace say and what do staff want it to say in the future?

Look for ways to incorporate these ideas into the space. How can your company’s logo, products or history be more present in a meaningful way? Office branding should inspire pride and loyalty among employees, as well as define the essence of a business to the clientele your company wishes to attract and retain.

Be consistent. 

Branding office space doesn’t have to be over the top; it should achieve the subtle effect of letting the space tell your company story without going overboard. Everything within an office space should have some consistency, some common thread that incorporates the company vision, message and goals.

Carry this through design elements, both big and small. While space planning and furniture specification and procurement factor into the end effect, so do lighting, flooring, signage and artwork – all of which can be utilized to express your company brand to both staff and customers. Everything from the furnishings to the artwork should reflect your brand’s message.

Use color to your advantage.

Color is an effective tool in keeping your company’s brand consistent and telling your company’s story. Incorporate logo colors within an office, whether through bold statements (painted walls and coordinated artwork) or subtle touches (floor covering or upholstered furniture). A creative use of branding through color might include using it to indicate traffic flow or to distinguish between different departments.

Tell your company’s story including your history and your products through storyboards, photographs, awards and milestones. Utilize slogans, initiatives and messages to showcase your company image and culture. Branding your workspace is one of the most important ways your company can market itself; it also encourages creativity, engages staff and customers, and makes for a happier workplace.

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