How to Furnish a Healthcare Facility

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Three key components in furnishing a healthcare facility.

When furnishing a healthcare facility, it’s important to create an environment that appeals to the patients as well as the staff. The space should be comfortable, welcoming and spacious enough to accommodate patients who may be waiting for treatment. In addition to the design, the materials used should be non toxic and low VOC.

Like your healthcare patients, the design of a healthcare facility should be approached with care. From the reception areas to the administrative areas, facility managers are tasked with creating a space that is visually appealing and comfortable. There are three elements that should be considered when furnishing a healthcare facility: design, furniture and environment.

Design - The aesthetics of a healthcare facility make a difference in how people feel within a space. From the color of the walls, the artwork to the overall decor, the way a space is configured will impact doctor referrals and patient satisfaction.

Furniture - Facility managers and designers must consider the furniture when furnishing a healthcare facility. To start, the upholstery must be easy to clean and disinfect, which means that the materials must be carefully selected. The seating areas also need to accommodate bariatric patients and those with disabilities. Not taking the time to carefully choose the furniture could cost you money in the long run.

Environment - Every healthcare facility must meet certain health and sanitation codes. These details must be accounted for in the layout and the overall space plan. From handicap accessibility to overall comfort, creating an environment that appeals to patients, doctors and staff can improve the quality of care and the success of the facility.

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