How to Find the Right Office Furniture for Your Business

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For small and large businesses, seasoned organizations and startups, office furniture impacts happiness in the workplace, employee satisfaction and can also play a role in corporate branding. Which is why business owners have so much to consider when buying new office furniture. And the whole process comes down to just three factors: office environment, workplace strategies and budget.

So when it's time to start the furniture-buying process, it's important to first think about how your office environment enhances the corporate culture of your organization. Factors that impact the overall feel of the space include natural light, branding, furniture layout and overall design. The design result will affect how your business is perceived to outside personnel, which also impacts the type of workers you want to attract. It also plays a role in the way employees feel while they are at work. So before making any big decisions about office furniture, businesses should put some thought into corporate culture and office environment.

Business will find that it is also important to strategize the layout of the space in terms of how the employee base will work together once the new furniture is in place. This means making decisions on the balance of open floor plans to private offices and which layout best fits the organization – and which layout will enhance the productivity of workers. Trends vary by industry, but business owners should be open to following the path that works best for their business model. For example, if the business primarily handles confidential information, private offices would be more advantageous than the oftentimes-collaborative open floor plan.

The next thing to think about is budget. The price of furniture can vary drastically from new to used and based on manufacturers. Business owners who have a general idea of what they are looking for can have tremendous luck building out an office space based on a combination of new, used and refurbished furniture. Quality and ergonomics certainly play a role, so consider splurging in one area (like office chairs!) and buying refurbished furniture when possible. At Rightsize, we call this our Blended Solution.

If you need help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a representative at Rightsize. We have a team of professionals that can guide you through the whole process.

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