Office Furniture Styles to Know

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From modern to traditional, here are four furniture styles trending right now.

In the world of furniture, designers tend to classify styles into four different categories: modern, classic, traditional and transitional. With all of the varying styles, it’s sometimes challenging to narrow down exactly what pieces will best fit your business design theme. Here is the Rightsize guide to furniture styles so that you can make an educated decision on what is best for your business.

Modern Office Furniture: Modern furniture tends to have clean lines, a simple aesthetic and neutral colors. Perfect for businesses trying to attract young talent, this style can be ideal for an open office plan, with clean, modular style items. Modern office furniture tends to be very efficient and compact, with the ability to be reconfigured with ease.


Classic Office Furniture: Furniture defined as classic tends to be timeless, with vintage or antique elements. Great for adding personality to a space, classic pieces fit well into most design schematics and can add character to an office space. Think metal desks and classic Eames chairs that enhance the overall design, without being overly buttoned up and traditional.


Traditional Office Furniture: Traditional office furniture usually includes deep mahogany tones, heavier wood work and more intricate details. Known for being the design theme of choice for law firms and professional service firms, this style has a vintage appeal, yet may not be as practical due to its tendency to be larger in size and less efficient.

Transitional Office Furniture: Transitional furniture and design is probably one of the most popular styles right now. Consisting of a blend between modern style and warm tones, this style can make a space more welcoming, while leaving flexibility to make more creative design choices. A transitional design could include an ornate rug, with modular furniture elements and brighter colors on the walls.


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