Signs It’s Time for New Office Furniture

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When it’s time to furnish an old office with new furniture.

As a business owner, pulling the trigger on new furniture sometimes requires catastrophic influence. When you have “perfectly good desks and chairs,” why spend the money on something new? We hear it all the time. But, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt—literally. “I was in an office earlier this year where the furniture was out of date, and I actually cut my arm on a torn panel,” says Rightsize Account Manager Tyesha Davis. However, making the case for new office furniture doesn’t always have to come down to blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes the writing is on the wall—or the desk.

Signs it’s time for new furniture.

  1. Your utilizing metal desks that weigh over 300 lbs  each - These pieces are so old that they have almost come back in style.
  2. The desk chairs are uncomfortable with holes in the fabric - Old rollaway chairs with exposed stuffing is no way to relax behind the desk.
  3. The furniture is causing bodily damage to employees (yikes!) - Time to start storing BAND-AIDs and sewing supplies in the heavy desk drawers.
  4. There is not enough seating - Pull up a box and stay awhile!
  5. The workstation panels are mauve or covered in sponge paint - Can we say 80s, anyone?

There are just a few examples that show maybe it’s time to take the plunge and give your furniture a facelift. The quality of the office furniture directly reflects the image of the business as a whole, for both employees and visitors alike. And the entire presentation matters. Broadloom carpeting or broken castors all make an office space look dingy and outdated. Stained carpeting sends an unpleasant message. “Some businesses forget that their office furniture represents them,” says Davis.

The bottom line is that its time to get new furniture when the style and configuration no longer represents you or your company vision, she says. By working with a professional team, there are options available that won’t break the bank. Rightsize promotes a blended solution, mixing together new, pre-owned and refurbished collections to produce a budget-friendly collection of offerings. If your office space is in dire need of new furniture, Rightsize can help.

About Rightsize:

Rightsize Facility Performance, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a nationwide office interiors and facilities services firm serving corporate clients in transition. Founded in 2004, Rightsize employs an industry leading “Design/Furnish” approach to ensure seamless workplace transitions and is a single source for interior design, furniture procurement, delivery and installation, asset disposition, facility decommissioning and ancillary project services.  Through its Office Furniture Center brand, which includes and a 200,000-square-foot showroom, Rightsize also provides a single source for quality workstations, desks, seating, filing, conference and reception furniture. For more information please visit

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