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Things to know Before Relocating Your Office Space

If you’re thinking about relocating your office space, odds are that business is good and you’re ready to invest in your workplace environment. But before going through with the relocation, there are many things to keep in mind, from location to how to space plan in the new office. Here’s what you need to know.

Start by recognizing that location matters. College graduates aren’t just moving to San Francisco and New York. They will move to cities where there is opportunity for employment. Your office location, if possible, should be in a location that is convenient for employees to travel to, as well as somewhere that is appealing to young talent. Choosing the most inexpensive location could ultimately cost you in the long run—go with what will appeal to employees.

Once the new space is selected and the lease negotiated, plan out how to utilize your own furniture in the new spaces through a process called space planning. Even if you are buying all new furniture, bring in an expert to help configure the furniture most effectively for your new space. Things to keep in mind during this process are future growth, how different departments work together and private meeting spaces. A little thought will go a long way.

When it comes time to actually pack up and go, use the move as an opportunity to get organized. Cleanse your office space of extra papers and clutter, while transitioning to an electronic filing system if possible. Take that stack of old phones, cables and ancient fax machines and donate them or just throw them away. Then, carefully pack anything else that is coming along for the ride.

To carry out the physical aspects of the move, hire professionals who are experts in furniture decommissioning. They will help to break down the furniture and carefully put it back together in your new space, or else they will remove it completely by either recycling it or donating it. With the right professional, it’s hard to go wrong.

To find out more about about things to know before relocating your office space, contact us and a Rightsize professional will fill you in on all of the details. Our experts are equipped in everything from space planning and interior design to furniture decommissioning. Whatever your office space needs, we can help.

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