2017 Office Trends to Look Forward to

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As the end of the year approaches, we look ahead to what’s coming in 2017. According to a Huffington Post piece, the following office design trends are going to be a huge hit in the upcoming year and we anticipate many customers moving towards these trends.


Bold Colors and Textures

Bland furniture and white walls have been on their way out for some time, and 2017 is no exception. Companies aren’t satisfied with cookie-cutter office designs, and they are opting to personalize them, like that of residential spaces. Expect to see a wide variety of colors in furniture, paint, artwork and other accents. Companies can play with hues that complement their brand identity, as well as the functions of different spaces. Different fabrics, materials and textures also allow brands to customize their offices and contribute to a warm and welcoming environment.


Flexible Workstations

The modern office is constantly evolving, and mobility and flexibility continue to be important in the new year. Employees aren’t interested in being tied to a desktop all day anymore. They want the freedom to move around within the office, adapting furniture and multipurpose workspaces to meet their changing needs. Communal and movable tables, suitable for individual or collaborative projects, will gain popularity.  


Hangout Zones

The breakroom is expanding its reach in 2017. A growing design trend is encouraging more casual interactions and collaborations among employees by building overlap areas throughout an office. The idea is that workers – who don’t regularly work together – should have relaxed spaces to move and hang out together during the day. These zones could include outdoor areas, rooms with movable walls, or lounges between floors.


Nature Indoors

The benefits of the great outdoors head inside this coming year, as materials, such as wood paneling and natural fabrics are used more in office design. Outdoor activities, games and sports are also making their way into offices, as a way for employees to unwind and take a break from work. Greenery, fresh flowers, and vertical gardens will also have a greater presence.


Pet-Friendly Workspaces

Many workplaces are embracing four-legged friends as full members of the team, allowing employees to bring their dogs or cats to work. A pet-friendly office helps workers incorporate breaks, relieve stress and exercise more.


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