Break Room 101

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In the world of the open office concept, a quality break room can provide an invaluable escape for employees.

When a business relocates or renovates existing office space, one of the most critical phases of the process is space planning. During this process, it’s important to remember the break room. With the open office plan dominating most schematics, businesses are incorporating larger and more comfortable break rooms into the design, so that employees can have a place to go host small group meetings, eat lunch and relax without worrying about disrupting their fellow cube dwellers.

According to the Rightsize design team, the break room should be spacious, comfortable and representative of your business as a whole. Form and function should work hand and hand to create a space that works for everyone can take a break to properly recharge. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning, decorating or designing a break room.

Break Room 101

    1. Make it multipurpose. “I think it’s important to have a little bit of the Starbucks feel, so that people can sit down and have a morning meeting,” says Rightsize Design Team Lead Tyesha Davis, and then the space can become a lunchroom when it’s time to eat. The multipurpose schematic also justifies carving out a little bit extra square footage to make the space extra functional for all.
    2. Versatile Seating. Incorporating different types of seating is a fun way to play with the schematic, says Rightsize Account Manager Aryn Shaw. “Mix up with high top seating and regular chairs.” That way, employees have a place to congregate comfortably or stretch their legs while enjoying a cup of coffee.
    3. Beverage Station. What good is a break room without a solid area for coffee and other beverages? Try to incorporate running water and a sink if the space permits - which can be a challenge for smaller offices. Bonus points for a dishwasher to manage all of those dirty coffee cups.
    4. Creative Decor. Incorporating lounge furniture or fun and creative pieces can make the space more comfortable to give employees an actual break. “You can get a pre-owned restaurant style banquette for the break room,” says Rightsize Chicago Design Team Lead Ruth Minnick. Add fun artwork and bright colors to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
    5. Lounge Furniture. Incorporating a small lounge area into the break room, with comfortable seating and a side table, can really make a break room shine, says Rightsize Account Manager Shannon Filo. That way, employees will have a more intimate place to congregate, read, make a quick phone call and enjoy a cup of coffee in between a long day of meetings.

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