How to furnish a Financial Services Firm

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What elements to include when designing a professional service space

Every industry has a unique set of qualifications for designing and furnishing office space, especially when providing professional services. In particular, when outfitting a financial services firm, business owners should keep in mind financial regulations, design standards and branding to ensure that the space is operationally sound. Here is the Rightsize guide for elements to include when furnishing space for a financial services firm.

Storage: Due to the regulations pertaining to Sarbanes Oxley, sensitive financial information must be segregated from the general areas of the office. Sensitive files must be able to be locked in a private area to keep documents protected. Be sure to include an area for sensitive information to be safely contained.

Open Area: Many financial service firms want to attract millennial talent, while having a bright and open feel in the common areas. Using more traditional cubicles with higher panels can help boost privacy, while still letting in natural light. Neutral colors will help maintain a clean, sophisticated look.

Meeting Areas: To accommodate those working in open areas and to house large company meetings, it’s important to build out both large and small conference rooms. The large conference room should be formal and sleek, with design elements that represent the brand and esteem of the organization. Small conference rooms for internal use can be outfitted more creatively or with a simplistic design.

Private Offices: Due to the nature of the client meetings, having ample private offices for accountants and executives is essential. There must be an element of privacy for sensitive transactions. When furnishing private offices for a financial services firm, be sure to include extra seating to accommodate visiting clients and internal meetings.

Branding: Most people view financial services firms as entities that require less branding in their office space. However, tasteful decor can go a long way in boosting the morale of employees and make the space feel warm and comfortable. Consider adding accent furniture and artwork to make the space feel welcoming.

When furnishing a financial service firm, there are many details to consider, from aesthetics to function. Rightsize Facility Performance has a team of experienced designers to help walk you through the process. Please contact us for more information on how to get started with your office space design.

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