Out with the Old: Signs It's Time for New Office Furniture

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Rightsize put together a list of  signs your business might be in need of a furniture face-lift or office re-design.

Out with the Old
When it’s time to rethink your office furniture.

There comes a time when every office manager or business owner will look around the office and decide that the old, grimey office furniture isn’t going to cut it anymore and an upgrade is in order.  Unfortunately, some businesses will take longer than others to realize this. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
5 Signs It's Time for an Office Space Reconfiguration

1. You can’t see over the workstation panels — If your shortest employee cannot see over the workstation panels it is probably time to stop swimming in a sea of workstations. Consider reconfiguring the space to allow more natural light into the space. Natural light will improve workplace happiness and employee productivity.

2. Your desk is made of metal and weighs 500 lbs or more — Banging your knees on the old metal framework of your boss’s great uncle’s desk is never any fun. Not to mention pinching your fingers in those heavy desk drawers. Think about a desk that is a little more lightweight and flexible.

3. There are more file cabinets than there are walls — While it is so nice to have all of those memories locked away in nearby file cabinets, they are taking up valuable real estate. Moving them to a safe storage space off site — or better yet, start filing company records online to free up space for everyone to enjoy.

4. The desk chairs don’t have wheels — Whether the chairs are stationary or the first generation rollers, they are bound to be uncomfortable and difficult for employees to sit in throughout the work day. If there is a thick layer of dust on the legs, that is also a good sign that the chairs might be out of date. Think about an ergonomic option — and buy used if cost is an obstacle.

5. The cubicles are larger than most private offices — If the cubicles in your office take up as much space as a private office, there is probably a way to more efficiently plan your space so each employee occupies a smaller footprint. Even reducing the workstation size by a small amount can make room for new hires — and maximize the terms of your lease.

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