Rightsize Makes CASE for Chicago's Economy

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Rightsize Facility Performance, one of the companies chosen to participate in Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE), recently completed the first-ever session of the capacity building program. Mason Awtry, president and owner of Rightsize, attended the event.

The capacity building program is a key initiative of World Business Chicago's plan for economic growth and jobs. The program is designed to offer selected companies critical business training and consulting, that will enable them to compete for larger business contracts for local hospitals, universities, cultural institutions and corporations.

“CASE aims to create economic opportunities for local suppliers by fostering strategic relationships that will impact our neighborhood businesses and large institutions,” said World Business Chicago President & CEO Jeff Malehorn. “A key component of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs is to promote strong, well-connected neighborhoods that enhance regional growth. WBC is helping facilitate this by connecting our anchor organizations with local businesses.”

Nearly 40 businesses were chosen to participate in the first two capacity building groups. Companies chosen represent a variety of industries and address a range of anchor procurement needs.

CASE aligns with Mayor Emanuel’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs strategy to develop and deploy neighborhood assets to align with regional economic growth. The strategy calls for promoting strong, well-connected neighborhoods; supporting continuous development of human capital, business and real estate assets; and connecting neighborhood assets to regional systems, by enabling better connections to labor, business, financial and other markets.

There will be five capacity building groups in 2014. Upcoming sessions will take place through early November. Applications to CASE are reviewed on a rolling basis, and businesses will be notified of their acceptance status as each group is selected. Interested businesses can submit applications to participate in CASE directly online. To apply, or to become a CASE anchor partner, visit WorldBusinessChicago.com/CASE.

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