What is Furniture Decommissioning?

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How to get rid of your old office furniture without the hassle.

Businesses have all sorts of reasons for replacing office furniture or leaving it behind during a relocation. Whether they simply want to upgrade the furniture, have space constraints in a new location or are redesigning their office space, the question most business want to know is how to get rid of their old office furniture without the hassle.

For businesses struggling to offload dozens, if not hundreds, of workstations can present a unique set of challenges. That is where furniture decommissioning comes in.

Furniture decommissioning is the process of breaking down workstations and removing them from an office space. Also called asset disposition, this process goes beyond just simply snapping apart old furniture and replacing it with something new. It involves keeping the pieces in usable condition so they can be rehabbed, reused and recycled.

Taking that to the next level, facility decommissioning is the process of restoring a space to its original condition. Many leases have a clause that require the tenant to remove technology, workstations and other assets within a space to make it usable for the next tenant. Depending on the size of the move and the requirements, this can be a large project for any business.

Rightsize has decommissioned over 75 million sq. ft. of office interiors for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. With a proven process by which we return a workspace to its original condition, our specialists have the versatility and knowledge to coordinate all phases of facility decommissioning, including Asset Disposition and Space Restoration, with minimal disruption to your everyday activity.

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