A Hedge Fund Administrator Expands to a Modern Facility

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With an eye on future growth and expansion, a hedge fund administrator moved its office to a new facility. The company partnered with Rightsize to PLAN and FURNISH the space, prioritizing flexibility and a modern, airy layout.


“Our process involved taking a consultative approach, and understanding their needs and the needs of their workers,” said Workplace Solutions Manager Jason Ellis. “Many of the new hires are young professionals starting their careers. Because of this, the company embraced an open, collaborative concept in the office.”


The Rightsize team assisted the client by providing recommendations based on employee workflows. Many of the common concerns regarding open-plan offices weren’t an issue for this company because employees oftentimes work in teams of six accountants. High panels and segmented workstations were installed to allow for easy collaboration sessions.


“We start by giving them different scenarios and typical layouts,” said Ellis. “We ask for their feedback, then tweak the plans to really get their buy-in. Once we do, we move forward with a proposal that fits their needs and leaves room for flexibility.”


One reason the company was drawn to Rightsize was its ability to accommodate a company’s evolving needs. Using a BLENDED SOLUTION, Rightsize selected refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace workstations because they offer the option to reconfigure stations to fit the growing needs of an office. The workstations featured bright colors, including white trim, and blue and orange accents to match the brand’s identity.


Rightsize also furnished the company’s private offices, huddle rooms and reception area, as well as a lunch room and a conference room.


“They were looking for a value-driven solution within the other areas,” said Ellis. “One way we did this was by value-engineering a solution in the huddle and lunch rooms. We got table bases from one resource and laminate tops from another resource, and we put them together. There are so many available options if you do this – and they had some specific colors they wanted to bring in. We incorporated the blue and orange in pub-height stacking chairs.”


The company’s employees are thrilled with the end results. Ellis noted that other clients should take note and set aside plenty of time for this type of project.  


“The more time we have, the more options we can offer, and more we can help them,” said Ellis. “We want to provide a solution and value to every client. The earlier we’re in on the process, the better we’re able to meet your project’s need and budget.”



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