How To Budget For Office Furniture

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What's your office furniture budget?

Buying office furniture can be quite the investment for a business owner, which is why Rightsize professionals make sure they start every conversation with one simple question: “What’s your budget?”

For a lot of business owners, that’s a hard question to answer. Furniture can range pretty substantially in everything from finish, quality and to cost. Most have no idea where to start or how to quantify the expense of furniture.

For Ruth Minnick, Rightsize Facility Performance Senior Account Manager and Chicago Team Leader, finding out her customer’s budgets is one of the challenges of her job. “We best service our clients by really understanding what they can and cannot afford,” Ruth says.

The key is to work with someone who can help manage the furniture-buying process, and help keep the process on track. A trusted provider will help define the project scope, and also make sure the product is affordable.

Meeting price points is probably easier for Rightsize than for other businesses. With access to $5 million of office furniture, they have the ability to customize furniture solutions to meet their clients’ objectives.

“What we offer is something that is fairly unique with our Blended Solution,” Ruth says. “To start, we have access to so much pre-owned and refurbished product, not to mention multiple lines of high-end designers. We can be both high-quality and budget conscious.”

The Rightsize representatives know that there are few things more important to a business than the bottom line - which is why creating a user-friendly budget is the top priority.

“The bottom line is that we want to satisfy our clients’ needs,”Ruth says. “That means getting them the right furniture and the right budget. So that’s what we do.”

But it also comes down to space that looks really amazing - because furniture can mean a lot more for a business than just a place to sit. So design and reasonable price points can make all of the difference.

“We allow the underdog to have a shot at really fabulous design,” Ruth says.

If you’re looking to purchase office furniture, the Rightsize pricing guide can help potential buyers understand how to create a budget, based on the Rightsize VIP+ Program.

Value - $8.00/sf. Value is when we utilize pre-owned, functional product to fulfill our clients' day-to-day needs.
Innovation - $12/sf. Innovation is providing a combination of premium, pre-owned furniture and cost-effective new furniture from our Office Furniture Center line.
Performance - $15/sf. Performance is when function meets form meets technology through a combination of refurbished and new furniture.
Performance Plus - $20/sf+.  Performance Plus is a fully customizable solution available when aesthetics and functionality are top priority and investment has no limits.

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