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5 relocation mistakes to avoid

It is never too early to start planning for a relocation, but businesses tend to wait until the last minute. In fact, we have people calling Rightsize saying that they are going to move next month—which isn't a good strategy that almost always results in a scramble. But there are many other mistakes that businesses make during their office relocations that are costly and totally avoidable.

5 office relocation mistakes to avoid

  1. Not accounting for building regulations. Every building has a set of rules, from requiring union labor to specific hours for moving in and out of the building. Familiarizing yourself with the building regulations prior to the move will help you avoid any unforeseen obstacles and keep the process running smoothly.
  2. Not packing accordingly. Taking everything in the office and dumping it into moving containers isn’t the best way to be efficient during the move process. Take the relocation opportunity to do some seriously reorganizing and deep cleaning. Don’t bring the old mess into your new space.
  3. Not measuring for new pieces. While the square footage of your new office might be larger than the old, it’s important to measure the space and design a configuration that is going to make sense for your business. Office furniture is tricky and can’t always be laid out the way you want in a space, so measure before you move.
  4. Leaving technology unaccounted for. This is one of the biggest errors people make in a relocation. Each workstation and desk should be outfitted with the proper cables and wires so that the transition to the new space is seamless.
  5. Waiting until the last minute. Give your employees and managers adequate time to plan and prepare for the move. That means bringing in the experts early and appointing team members to make the transition run smoothly internally. Start this process as early as possible.

But the biggest mistake you can make is thinking you can do it on your own. The truth is, when it comes to relocating your business, professional help is going to be needed. A professional can help you find the right space planner, locate the right packing tools, evaluate technology needs and account for code requirements, not to mention manage the actual move out and move in process. Just make sure to provide adequate notice to the team so they can get you started.

Thinking about moving this year? Download our free relocation checklist here.

About Rightsize: Rightsize Facility Performance, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a nationwide office interiors and facilities services firm serving corporate clients in transition. Founded in 2004, Rightsize employs an industry leading “Design/Furnish” approach to ensure seamless workplace transitions and is a single source for interior design, furniture procurement, delivery and installation, asset disposition, facility decommissioning and ancillary project services.  Through its Office Furniture Center brand, which and a 200,000-square-foot showroom, Rightsize also provides a single source for quality workstations, desks, seating, filing, conference and reception furniture. For more information please

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