5 Easy Ways to Brand Your Workspace

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How to make your office represent the way you do business.

The culture of a business should be evident from the moment someone enters your office space. How the colors, finishes and materials work together creates a feeling, and a brand image. Those choices set the tone of your organization, impacting how your business is perceived for both clients and employees alike.

“We are always talking about how important it is to have a space that’s branded from the moment you walk in, that speaks to the company culture,” says Rightsize senior account manager and Chicago team lead, Ruth Minnick. “You should be able to get a feel from the space the moment you walk in.”

But when it comes to branding your workspace on a budget, there are a lot of things to consider. So where do you start? According to Minnick, keeping it simple will help. Here are 5 simple ways to brand your worksplace.


When you walk into an office space, the entryway configuration should provide some hints as to the mission of the business. Start with signage that includes a company name, colors and a logo. The signage itself will set the tone based on the company branding. “Start by thinking about how the sign is configured,” says Minnick. “Is it unique or edgy?” A marketing company might have a more creative visual upon entering the space, while a more corporate, professional business will likely have a cleaner look.

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The visible work areas, like the common areas, of an office space will definitely send a message about the operation as a whole. Creative businesses can certainly get away with fun and collaborative areas. However, professional service firms should probably have a set up that is clean and more contemporary. “If you walked into a corporate lawyer’s office and saw ping-pong tables, you would question the service you’re buying,” says Minnick.


Color is one of the easiest ways to brand a workplace, says Minnick. If the business is meant to be fun and collaborative, then vibrant colors can send a more dynamic message. Colors don’t have to be limited to the walls and artwork, and can be integrated into the panels of the furniture and the upholstery in common areas. But Minnick cautions to avoid going overboard. “You can get an essence of a company without painting every corner of the office space bright red,” says Minnick. “Less is more when it comes to accent colors, so think about it from a layering standpoint, using the bright colors to complement the more subtle palettes.”


The layout of a space certainly plays into the branding. Depending on the type of organization, the ratio of private offices to open areas will change. More teamwork-oriented offices will factor brainstorming into the layout, which will impact of the space is configured. “If we are working with a company that is all about sending a collaborative message, we will build out more open offices and lounge spaces for sitting and agile spaces that allow for creativity,” says Minnick.


Making the right furniture for the function of the business will lay a great foundation for branding. Selecting furniture that is sleek and easily accommodates collaboration is a great option for a more tech-savvy business. Conversely, a more corporate organization may want to incorporate more privacy into the workstation areas. Regardless of the selection, furniture can be branded to fit the company images. “There are workstations that have white boards on the top section, so people can leave fun and creative messages to inspire each other,” says Minnick.

But as furniture is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, Minnick cautions to avoid making choices that are overly permanent. “There are ways to put your brand out there with custom-printed fabric, but that might not keep you relevant or it could be something you regret in two years.” Instead, think about using colors or choices that can be modified if you change your branding.

Need help figuring out how to brand your space? Rightsize has a team of professionals who wants to understand the mission of your business, and configure a space that perfectly communicates your brand. Contact us for more information.

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