A Growing Engineering Firm Gets a Vibrant New Office

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A Chicago-based engineering consulting firm has been expanding its business rapidly every year, and it needed a vibrant, modern new space to match its growth.

Rightsize worked with the president and founder to PLAN the 3,000 square-foot space, select and install the furniture, and create a branded and unique work environment.

The company wanted to furnish its office with all new furniture, and Rightsize offered a competitive solution.


“We went in with Global, because we’re one of their premier dealers,” said Workplace Solutions Manager Vanessa Courtney. “We were able to provide them with an entirely new product, but with a better value than most of the other competition in the area.”


With a four-month timeline, the Rightsize team evaluated the firm’s needs and planned a colorful and collaborative office. All of the spaces have a gray palette, incorporating bursts of color, including a bright teal blue from the firm’s logo, and a complementary lime green.


The company’s employees are engineers who do computer-based work, without too many sound limitations, so an open-plan workspace was a good fit. Rightsize installed benching-style workstations with low paneling, as well as a conference room, and breakout lounge areas with playful touches. One lounge area is a dedicated nap room, where employees can sign out 30-minute periods and recharge. Another features a kitchen table that doubles as a pool table featuring the firm’s logo.


“The president wanted to create a high-energy overall atmosphere for her employees,” said Courtney. “Every year she works directly with a university and hires new grads, so there is a millennial age group within the firm. She wanted something that could last her 10 years before needing to update and would also make employees excited to come to work.”


The staff is thrilled with their new space, and the firm is getting ready to start its next stage of expansion in January. The president will be partnering again with Rightsize to design another office space next to its existing one.


“She was really fun to work with, and she enjoyed working with us,” said Courtney. “She felt like we listened to what she was asking, and we kept her needs in mind, as well as the creative vibe she was looking for.”


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