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No two companies are exactly the same. Since each one has its own mission, priorities and requirements, it should also have its own unique office space.

Rightsize has a collaborative and customizable approach to space planning. We observe how your company operates, we ask questions, and we partner with you to create an office that meets your needs perfectly. Your office should conform to fit the way your business operates – not the other way around!


How Rightsize’s Planning Process Works

Rightsize’s ACCELERATED DELIVERY MODEL combines on-site evaluation and collaborative technology to tailor space plans to your organization. Our goal is to deliver the solutions you need, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Listening is a key part of Rightsize’s process, particularly at the beginning of a project. We want to understand everything about your company, and how you define a successful office layout. So we ask a number of questions and listen carefully to the answers. Some key questions include:

How many people work in your office? How will that change in the future? What does an average day look like for the different roles in your office? How do you work in your space now? How do you want to work in your space better? 

As we develop the space plan, we take into account other important factors, such as your budget, IT specifications, and physical parameters. You stay involved each step of the process, giving feedback along the way.

To make this collaboration smooth and productive, we use our CoCreate space planning platform to have face-to-face meetings, remotely. Each session our team displays visuals on shared screens – layouts, 3D renderings and design features. As you give feedback, we’re able to make real-time changes to the plans, so you can provide real-time feedback on what the new floor plan will look like. CoCreate simplifies space planning, paring down the back-and-forth emails and phone calls that can slow down the process. You stay actively involved, without wasting any precious time.


Learn more about Rightsize’s PLAN services: request a free consultation.

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