Creating a Productive Office Space

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Every employer wants to maximize the productivity of the workplace. But productivity isn’t just about hiring the best people – it’s about creating an environment that allows workers to be as efficient as possible. Whether furnishing an office for five people or five hundred, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Top Five Factors of Creating a Productive Office Environment

Organization system – Providing a simple and efficient system for employees to file information can shave hours off the work week. Make sure that your employees have access to an a structured way to organize work materials. It can make all the difference.

Noise – Let’s face it. Offices can be distracting. When there is not enough noise, the smallest squeak of your neighbor’s desk chair can be problematic. Conversely, when there is too much noise, nothing gets done. Sound masking technology can improve office productivity. Furniture vendors have started paying attention.

Comfort –Creating an office environment that is comfortable for everyone is one of the biggest favors an employer can provide. In most cases, it begins with the chairs. How can employees be productive if they can’t sit down and work? Businesses should take into account personal preferences for each worker – whether it’s an ergonomically sound office chair, an exercise ball – or no chair at all! Standing desks are even making their way into office furniture design.

Layout – It wouldn’t make much sense to have the copy machine on the other side of the building as the receptionist, right? Of course not. Putting some thought into arranging departments and work groups within the office space will boost productivity and save time.

Breakout rooms – Giving employees a space to brainstorm, make personal calls, host conference calls and meetings is a useful tool to keep open areas quiet and to get employees comfortable with team settings. Comfortable settings with couches and pillows are known to get people working – and comfort certainly helps drive creativity.

Planning an office environment that is productive and comfortable is not the easiest task, we know. But it gets a lot easier when you have a partner who can show you how to create the best workspace for your business. That’s why we’re here. For more information, please contact us.

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