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Mixing contemporary and vintage furniture within an office boosts the sophistication and individuality of a space.

Professional does not have to be synonymous with bland, and many companies are now looking to showcase their brands’ personality and design sensibility through carefully selected retro pieces. For example, an elegant, mid-century sofa lends a little Mad Men flair to an ad agency’s waiting room, or sleek, leather-and-chrome bar stools add extra fun to a start-up’s staff lounge.Rightsize strives to streamline the furniture selection and procurement process for clients in varying industries. We find the ideal pieces for every space and function, using a combination of pre-owned, refurbished and new furniture. Relic Furniture Gallery offers an exceptional inventory of vintage pieces to outfit a business, available to accommodate ever budget. Relic curates its collection from all over the country, and features designers such as Adrian Pearsall, Knoll, Baker and Jens Risom. Relic Furniture Gallery is an excellent choice for businesses that are interested in developing a signature style in their offices.

Retro Furniture Inventory

Relic’s selection is constantly changing as new pieces become available, but common offerings include:


The inventory features unique chairs, sofas, benches and stools that elevate any space. A pair of Queen Anne upholstered armchairs warm up an executive office, or a set of minimalist, modern benches provide dining room seating.


From round granite side tables to polished rosewood conference tables, Relic’s vintage pieces perfectly blend aesthetics with practicality.

Case Pieces

Relic offers striking case pieces suited for diverse purposes, including hardwood oak desks for individual offices, and cherry veneer bookcases for file rooms.


Relic’s selection of colorful Persian rugs and other artwork add the final touches necessary to make a company’s interior design stand out.

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