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5 tips for creating a happier office environment for your employees.

Happiness in the workplace comes down to more than just well-stocked vending machines and team building exercises. It’s about creating an environment that is conducive to productivity, positive energy and overall comfort. Many elements of happiness in the workplace are influenced by the design and layout of an office space. So while hosting an employee appreciation week is a nice gesture, it’s the day to day configuration of your office space that really goes the distance.
5 Ways to Create a Happy Work Environment

Comfort - Implementing standards of ergonomics is a great way of reducing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace, says OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Association. This could mean anything from providing more comfortable seating, to utilizing standing desks. It is also said to increase productivity and quality of work, as well as improve employee engagement.

Natural Light - According to a recent article published by Psychology Today, workers in windowless environments received 173 percent less white light exposure during work hours than those with windows, and slept an average of 46 fewer minutes per night. Studies have found that working in a windowless environment has a universally detrimental impact. By exposing workers to natural light during the day, their energy level and overall productivity increases.

Workstation Configuration - Office space configuration impacts productivity, based on how the furniture is arranged and how the desk spaces are utilized. In a recent study completed by CBRE, it was determined that when a company provides a variety of work spaces that employees can select from, satisfaction levels increase 10 - 15 percent. If having multiple configurations of workstations and varying styles of desk isn’t conducive to your workspace, keep sound-masking in mind, while also creating a layout that is functional for your specific type of business.

Private Spaces - In a recent BloombergBusinessweek article, Too Distracted to Work: The Dark Side of Open Offices, the plight of the open office dwellers remains, stemming from offices with few places for private conversations, personal phone calls and small meeting areas. Business owners looking to combat the open floor plan can boost productivity by working in many small conference rooms or interview rooms where people can work quietly. While the open plan is great for camaraderie in a lot of ways, finding balance by including private areas can do wonders for employee satisfaction.

Decor - Workplace design plays a role in happiness in the workplace. Color can have a psychological impact on productivity, so using color to decorate the walls can be inspirational for the workers. In fact, when the work environment is not stimulating, employees can lose focus and creative drive, according to architectural and design firm HOK. Creating a space that utilizes color, basic design themes and branding into the space can go a long way.

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