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When your client moves offices, there are ways to help the process run smoothly.

After the lease negotiations are completed and the new office space selected, the job of a broker or office manager is far from finished. The moving process can be the biggest headache of all. If you want to make the entire relocation process to stand out as something that was handled professionally, it pays to stay involved. Here are some ways to help your client stay on track.

To start, give notice to the landlord. By communicating the timeline of the move you can start the conversations about reserving freight elevators, backfilling the space with other tenants and more. It’s a nice courtesy to provide notice as soon as possible, and it’s never a good idea to burn a bridge.

Then, review the lease to see if there are any space restoration clauses. Things to look for would be, “restore space to original condition,” which could mean demolishing any walls that were constructed during your client’s tenancy. Or maybe, “space to be vacated in broom swept condition,” which just means to have the space cleaned out when the tenant vacates the premises. Make sure that no matter what it says that your client is prepared to deal with any last minute clean up.

Once the parameters for moving out are in order with the landlord, have your clients make a checklist of existing furniture and office equipment. This will make sure they all items are accounted for during the move — and also to determine which items aren’t going to make the cut.

If your client hasn’t done this already, which hopefully they have, work with a furniture vendor like Rightsize to complete space planning. This will help your client determine how best to blend both new and existing furniture. If they are planning on getting rid of the old furniture, then suggest a combination of pre-owned, refurbished and new office furniture to save money, while furnishing a nice new office.

After the space planning is finished, it’s time to remind your client to place any furniture or equipment orders. Make sure that you order these materials well in advance, because sometimes long lead times can throw off their schedule.

Now, almost all aspects of the move have been covered, so it’s time to hire professional movers to get the job done. Enlisting the help of licensed and insured movers with experience decommissioning and reconstructing office furniture will provide your clients with a much smoother experience. Don’t forget that if your new or old office is located in a union building that the movers you hire must be union as well.

With any move, there are going to be some things that your clients don’t want. Be a star and suggest that they donate extra furniture, fixtures or equipment to a worthy cause. Rightsize can help point you in the right direction and connect your clients with the right people.

About Rightsize:

Rightsize Facility Performance, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a nationwide office interiors and facilities services firm serving corporate clients in transition. Founded in 2004, Rightsize employs an industry leading “Design/Furnish” approach to ensure seamless workplace transitions and is a single source for interior design, furniture procurement, delivery and installation, asset disposition, facility decommissioning and ancillary project services.  Through its Office Furniture Center brand, which includes and a 200,000-square-foot showroom, Rightsize also provides a single source for quality workstations, desks, seating, filing, conference and reception furniture. For more information please visit

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