How Furniture Can Increase Productivity

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Why furniture will make you more productive at the office

The look and feel of an office plays a role in employee productivity. Sitting all day long in uncomfortable chairs is bound to disrupt workers' concentration as they shift in their seats throughout the day. An office space that feels disjointed and bland tends to produce less innovation than an office space that inspires. When it comes to an office space, the furniture selected is proven to impact the productivity of employees through health, atmosphere and layout.

Health - In the world of furniture, we hear the word ergonomics all of the time. For years, furniture companies have been striving to produce chairs that provide the perfect amount of back and bottom support, and desks that promote better posture. From sitting on medicine balls, to standing at an adjustable desk, furniture can impact the health of employees. Standing desks are gaining traction as neuroscience proves changing your movement in your body stimulates the brain. Providing furniture for your workforce with health in mind will have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Atmosphere - Walking into an office space with office chairs covered in masking tape, and mismatched furniture feels nothing short of depressing.Furniture that coordinates, provides an element of functionality and is visually appealing can make a huge difference in the feel of the office. Take it a step furniture and add artwork, accent furniture and a design theme to truly inspire employees, without making a huge investment.  A business that takes its image seriously will see a boost in employee productivity.

Layout - The way an office space is configured plays a role in how much each employee will accomplish during the day. From easy access to basic amenities like printers and office supplies, to grouping different departments together, the layout is an important factor to consider when evaluating productivity. If the creative department utilizes the printer more frequently than the accounting department, consider placing it near the team who is accessing it the most. Thinking critically about the way a space is configured will positively impact employee productivity.

For more insights into how to make your workforce more productive through furniture and design, please contact us for more information. Our expert team of designers is available to answer any questions and get you started on making a difference in your overall employee productivity and workplace satisfaction.

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