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Finding the right office chairs for your workspace

When furnishing an office space, seating is one of the main elements that must be considered. But in the world of office space design, there isn’t just a one-stop solution for seating that will work in every area of the office. Most offices will take advantage of a combination of task seating, executive seating, conference room seating, multipurpose seating and lounge seating. With all of the different options to choose from, it's important to be prepared.

To help you get started with the office furniture selection process, we put together examples about each option.

Task Seating - Used for everyday seating for employees, task chairs should be comfortable for an extended amount of time. Most businesses prioritize ergonomic options that can reduce back pain and maximize productivity. Experts recommend finding task seating with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, recline-ability, seat adjustment and forward tilt.


Executive Seating - Executive seating combines style with function to create more of an elegant look. Ideal for the corner office or distinguished conferencing areas, this option should be blended into the overall design theme of the space. Not only does it have an elegant finish, it should have a comfortable, inviting appearance.


Conference Seating - Used for conference rooms or training areas, conference seating should be adaptable and comfortable. Most businesses will find conference seating that blends the features of the task chairs with the executive chairs, creating an option that will be comfortable for an extended period of time, while also blending in with the design decor.


Multipurpose Seating - In this collaborative era, providing seating that will work for small meeting areas and lunchrooms is a great way to accommodate impromptu meetings. This type of seating should be easily accessible, with a more creative design.


Lounge Seating - For common areas, receptions and small meeting rooms, incorporating comfortable lounge seating is a must. Whether it’s inspired by a home environment or just a simple love seat, lounge seating is meant to be inviting and stylized. Get creative and add some color.


Need help navigating the world of office chairs? Rightsize can help. Our team of designers is well-equipped to put together the right program for your office so that everyone has a seat at the table. Contact us for more information.

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