Planning an Open Workspace? Rightsize Has You Covered – Part I

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Gone are the days of the cubicle reigning supreme; a majority of us now spend our days in offices with open floor plans. The International Facilities Management Association puts this number at 70% of U.S. workers – confirming that open workspaces are here to stay.

Rightsize works with a diverse array of clients looking for open office design, from tech start-ups to sales and marketing firms. We’ve found that there are unique challenges and benefits to open workspaces, and we know how to help clients design solutions that truly fit their needs (we go beyond what’s trending at the moment).

In this two-part series, we’ll outline some of the big questions companies should consider when planning an open workspace.

How do you work in your space right now? How do you want to work in your space in the future?

Do a thorough analysis of how your employees work in your current space. What is working smoothly? What do you want to improve? Pay attention to construction or design elements that are both helping and hindering. Envision what your ideal office would look like to meet your current and future needs.

What are your goals?

Take your evaluation a step further and identify one or two concrete goals for your company. How can you achieve them through your workspace? If you’re looking to increase collaboration between two separate departments, for instance, how will an open floor plan facilitate this?

How can you design spaces for quiet work, as well as for collaboration?

It’s essential to have a mix of different spaces in an office to meet all of your employees’ needs. Take into account the open areas ideal for collaborative meetings, as well as the quiet lounges and phone booths for doing concentrated work or making a private call. And don’t forget the more low-key areas designed for play or relaxation.

“Clients interested in open-plan offices are often fun and adventurous, and they’ll ask to leave space for a pool table or a gaming area,” said Workplace Solutions Director Shannon Filo. “More people are getting in tune to the wellness factor that it’s good to step away from your desk for a breather sometimes to stay more productive.”

Stay tuned for more important questions to think about in Part II of this series!

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