Rightsize Outfits Nonprofit with New, Improved Facilities to Aid Children in Need Statewide

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In the fall of 2015, a social service agency dedicated to providing therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents in Michigan began a multi-year project to remodel existing space and open new facilities. Rightsize was hired to oversee space planning, furniture specification and procurement, delivery and installation.

“We are transitioning all of the facilities into more modern, productive spaces that will benefit the children by being both safe and welcoming,” said Michigan Team Lead Nick Weise.

To serve the needs of the children who are treated at the centers, furniture needed to be modular and moveable and space needed to be multifunctional.

Rightsize created a vibrant, colorful and welcoming look with the use of bright colors and easy to clean, durable fabrics. Clarus Magnetic Glassboards were installed throughout the space and gave children the opportunity to write on the walls and play with magnets. Spec children’s seating and Leland International’s Freshcoast line gave children inviting places to sit and play.

Conference rooms feature flip top and nesting training tables, executives have height adjustable desks, and tables of various heights can be found throughout the facilities.

“This ongoing project is very rewarding for our team,” said Weise. “We have enjoyed finding solutions that not only meet social services needs and healthcare regulations, but also provide a collaborative and modern space that brightens the mood of everyone who walks through the doors. The support has been overwhelming from the board, employees, and the community.”

For more information on Rightsize services, call 800-815-8592 or click here to see a portfolio of our work.

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