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Right-Sizing Your Office Space

Rightsize talks office furniture with GlobeSt.com

Today Rightsize was featured in a GlobeSt.com article, discussing how Rightsize helps businesses redesign their office space with new and repurposed furniture. After 10 years of business, Rightsize manages the furnishing of roughly 300 office spaces each month - and counting. Here is an excerpt from the article, written by Brian J. Rogal.
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DW Simpson's new office was a relocation, expansion and redesign by Rightsize.

CHICAGO—Mason Awtry, the president of Rightsize Facility Performance, built a company that aims to help business people that have no expertise in office design when it's time to remake their office.

“We are a very different business today than we were when we started ten years ago,” Awtry tells GlobeSt.com.

“To control our own destiny, we created the interior design portion of the business,” he says. This allowed Rightsize to evolve over the next few years into a firm that offered both pre-owned and new furniture along with the design expertise to put it all together for each client.

Rightsize now handles about 300 office spaces a month. The jobs range from quick space plans for a few cubicles that they can turn around in hours to complete redesigns and renovations of 450,000-square-foot spaces that can take months.

Rightsize continues to make an impact on the Chicago Real Estate market, evolving to meet the needs of multiple projects.

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