The Office Holiday Party

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Getting your space ready for the annual office holiday party

It’s that time of year again, where the eggnog is flowing and tins of popcorn are littering the lunchrooms of offices like ornaments on a tree. Tis the season for holiday cheer and kicking back with coworkers in the more relaxed December month. But with the festive mood circulating, that office holiday party snuck up on you, and bits of cheddar cheese popcorn on the floor doesn’t make for the best decor.

Here is how to get your office space ready for a holiday party...and fast.

The preparation process must start with a little clean up. Declutter desks and common areas by getting rid of stacks of papers, unruly copy areas and dishes in the kitchen sink. Once the space is nice and organized, think about areas where you could add accessory lighting to warm up the space and add some depth.

After that, set the stage with a little creativity. Move artwork around to make old pieces look like new, or add in new artwork altogether. Then add throw pillows to lounge furniture to incorporate more colors and textures to the space. Then, add some fresh flowers to the reception and common areas to make the office feel like a home away from home.

Now you’re ready to bring in the arsenal of holiday fun. Start by incorporating holiday scents. Hit up Walgreens or CVS and get several of their inexpensive candles in a cinnamon or pine flavor. The aroma of seasonal goodness in the air will set the mood for holiday joy. Then, incorporate a little bit of holiday decor, with the help of a mini Christmas tree and twinkle lights. The more twinkle lights, the better.

With the help of some music, a little champagne and a visit from Santa, your office space will be as warm and inviting as the North Pole. Just remember to blow out the candles when the party is over and save the cleanup for the next day.

Happy Holidays from Rightsize!

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