Top 10 Office Furniture Mistakes, Part II

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Furnishing an office is an exciting opportunity to improve both your company’s aesthetic and your employees’ comfort. But whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalizing an existing space, it’s important to make thoughtful, well-researched decisions about what you need.

Last week, we kicked off our Top 10 Office Furniture Mistakes with 5 of the biggest stumbling blocks to avoid. In the second half of this series, we’ll reveal the other 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing furniture for your office.

Mistake #6

Not Planning for the Long Haul

You need to balance your office’s immediate needs with those you will encounter in the future. Keep company growth in mind as you’re planning the layout of the space and making purchasing decisions. Will you need to expand your manufacturing area, or add more workstations in a few years’ time? What pieces could you buy now, and build onto later, to use your space efficiently? Count on technology and equipment evolving over the next few years, and look for furniture that can be moved and reconfigured to meet your changing needs.

Mistake #7

Miscalculating the Timing

Allow for enough time to furnish your office the way you envision it. A thorough needs analysis, followed by furniture selection and procurement, can take several weeks or longer, so build in a comfortable timeline. Also, plan ahead for long-term timing concerns. How often does your company update different pieces of furniture? Figure this into your calculations as you estimate the lifespan of each item, and how long warranties need to be valid.   

Mistake #8

Not Standardizing Your Furniture System

The great thing about finding a vendor you like is that you can establish furniture standards you keep on file. You don’t have to keep track of specifications like the exact fabric style and color for conference room chairs, or the workstation and privacy panel measurements. You simply ask your vendor to keep the details of these items in your account, and then order “5 new conference chairs” or “2 workstations” and receive exactly what you need without wasting time.

Mistake #9

Not Exploring Your Options

Remember that you have choices when it comes to office furniture. Give yourself time to compare different options, see what is available at different price points. For example, you don’t have to purchase everything brand new or use only one manufacturer; you can blend refurbished, new and used pieces from a variety of brands to customize the perfect fit for your office.

Mistake #10

Working with a Vendor that Doesn’t Offer Long-Term Support

You want to work with a vendor that is responsive and helpful not only when everything is going smoothly, but also when problems arise. Ask for references, and talk to former clients about their experience with the delivery and installation process. Ask the vendor how the company handles issues such as damaged deliveries, warranty repairs or general customer service questions. Pay attention to the long-term support the company offers – this attentiveness will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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