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Carpet tiles or carpet squares are a good alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Though available for more than 50 years, there has been a resurgence in the use of these tiles, with an increasing variety of designs, colors and sizes. Facility Flooring offers a wide variety of carpet tiles, with specialists on hand to guide the process as well as provide delivery and installation services.

“Carpet tiles are a trend because they give a lot of flexibility and they offer great value,” said Rightsize Account Executive Heather Conard. “They are easily removable and replaceable. In terms of design, you can use color or pattern to define a lounge space or your main lobby area, for example. You can create spaces through the carpet tiles themselves rather than having the expense of installing full flooring in different areas. ”

Advantages of carpet tiles include:

  1. Easy to install – carpet tiles can be installed on almost any smooth surface without the renovation that is required for new flooring.

“For installation, it depends on what the subfloor is,” said Workplace Solutions Director Shannon Filo. “Usually, with a broadloom you put down a pad so it covers a lot of imperfections. When you put down floor tile there is nothing that goes under it. There may be some additional cost for floor prep in some of the older buildings, but carpet tile can go on any type of subfloor, if the appropriate adhesive is used.”

  1. Easy to fit into unusual shaped spaces – carpet tiles are easy to cut and are individually laid out, expediting the installation process.

“The newest trend is more of a rectangular-shaped carpet tile,” said Filo. “It’s more modern and has more of a plank look to it.”

  1. Easy to clean or replace– if a tile is unable to be cleaned or is damaged, that particular tile can be replaced, rather than the entire carpet. High traffic tiles can be replaced with new tiles, while lower traffic tiles remain. Many carpet tiles are stain resistant.

“A general rule of thumb is for clients to order a ten percent overage,” said Filo. “If we are working in an area that is going to be exposed to higher traffic we can put down more durable tiles that will still coordinate with the rest, so that everything blends.”

  1. Design options – though seams are usually visible, they can accentuate a design pattern that cannot be replicated with broadloom flooring. The tiles can be turned slightly when installed for another design element.

“There are more patterns of grey out there,” said Filo. “Grey is definitely on trend. Clients are also using borders, for example, placing a border around the perimeter of a conference room.”

  1. Variety – carpet tiles come in a variety of sizes, fiber types, manufacturing types and pile types, with different options for adhesives and backing.

“Typically, clients choose carpet tile over broadloom,” said Filo. “However, if a landlord requires broadloom, we can certainly accommodate that too.”

Find out how Rightsize Facility Flooring’s wide selection of carpet tiles can enhance your office space by calling 800-815-8592.

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