Updating Office Designs Across the Nation

Breakout area featuring mesh back conference chairs
WRITTEN BY Katlin Schneider

We do the majority of our projects in the Midwest, but that doesn’t mean we’re not enriching the offices of customers across the country. In Franklin, Massachusetts we not only helped a real estate management company upgrade their office design, we also established a “resimercial” feel to follow with their office’s new standards.


The goals were to maximize the number of seats in the office, which we accomplished by adding benching style workstations. Our team worked with the company’s in-house interior designer to create an office that incorporated residential elements within the commercial space. They placed an emphasis on breakout collaboration by including new open concept conference spaces and a new extracurricular area featuring a pool table and lounge furniture.


Salesperson Jessica McCambridge speaks highly of working with this company, “We have had the opportunity to work with this client on multiple occasions now and collaborating with their A&D team has been creatively rewarding.” Their space is a perfect example of modern office design focusing on the way the space works best in combination with the needs of their staff and business.


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