5 Ways Office Furniture Amps Up Productivity

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How you furnish your office has a big impact, not only on the aesthetic of your space, but also on the mood and productivity of your team.


You’ve experienced this effect before if you’ve ever felt your energy plummet when walking into a narrow row of dark cubicles, or soar when entering an airy, well-designed office. The environment you create in your office can help your employees work more effectively, and the furniture you choose is a vital piece of this puzzle.


Here are five ways selecting the right furniture keeps everyone in your company engaged and enthusiastic:


Function takes center stage.  

It’s frustrating and distracting to work with outdated tools that don’t meet your needs. The right office furnishings prioritize function over all else; they alleviate pain points and help your employees do their jobs more easily.


Comfort leads to better concentration.

Your entire team spends a lot of time in the office, and it pays to invest in furniture that prevents discomfort and injury. No one will do her best work while nursing a sore back or a cramped neck. Choosing pieces that support the well-being of your employees, such as ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks, has a long-term positive effect on their work.


Smart design controls the clutter.

When you PLAN and FURNISH your office with the motto, “a place for everything, and everything in its place,” you minimize stress and disorganization for your staff. Employees don’t have to waste time searching for the right folder in stacks of papers when they have an accessible and functional filing system at hand. And the overall ambiance of the office improves as the clutter diminishes.


The right flow creates balance.

People work more productively when they have a good balance of private space and collaborative space. Your employees should feel that they have breathing room in the office, with enough room between workstations, and an easy flow between different areas.


Color brightens any mood.

Color has a powerful effect on your mental state. In general, muted colors tend to soothe, and stronger colors tend to animate. Thoughtfully planned palettes optimize different spaces within an office. For example, vibrant colors may suit the collaboration and energy of a conference or huddle room, while more subtle tones may be more appropriate for areas where people need to concentrate and work independently.


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