A Sales-Based Company Balances Open & Private Spaces

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In early 2016, the Midwest branch of a large national manufacturing company moved from a shared co-working space into its own office.

The CEO contacted Rightsize to lead space planning and develop a cost-effective BLENDED SOLUTION for furniture selection and procurement. He wanted an open, contemporary look for the office – using a modern gray palette with bright primary accent colors – but with adequate privacy for staff. Since it is a primarily sales-based company, with many employees on the phone most of the day, noise cancelation was an important consideration.

Rightsize provided a solution for the sales team with refurbished task chairs and Herman Miller Ethospace workstations, featuring interchangeable tiles and seated privacy to help with noise control. For senior level management, private offices offered a blend of new, refurbished and pre-owned furniture.

“We presented a VIP+ package and let the client make choices a la carte,” said Workplace Solutions Manager Vanessa Courtney. “Because of price and style considerations, we ended up choosing different manufacturers for each piece. I tend to do that with my clients a lot. Each manufacturer does something a little different or a little better than the other, depending on what the need is.”

Rightsize also planned a new conference room, a breakroom and the main reception area, using manufacturers including Mayline, Encore and Global.

“The entire team is really inspired and motivated by their new space,” said Courtney. “They’re glad to have their own space instead of a shared one, and the CEO was very happy with the process overall.”

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