5 Rules of Office Space Design

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Office design rules to live by

Designing the perfect office isn’t quite as easy as 1-2-3. Quality designers have a process, a method of approaching each project, that keeps the client needs in mind, while also applying best practices in office space design. The design team at Rightsize has a step by step approach to office space design that takes into account their client vision, while also applying advanced principles of space planning to create an office that is highly functional and properly branded. To better understand their approach, we asked Rightsize workplace solution experts, Ruth Minnick and Shannon Filo, to walk us through their process.

5 Rules of Office Space Design

Budget - The number one thing to keep in mind is budget, says Rightsize Chicago Team Lead Ruth Minnick. “Our blended solution is when we combine products that look really high end, while keeping budget and our client’s look in mind.” This means blending new and pre-owned furniture, or customizing products by refurbishing them to meet a high-quality standard.

Performance - The functionality of the product is something that is always at the forefront of a design project, says Shannon Filo, Rightsize Account Manager. “Performance encompasses the durability of a product or fabric over the course of time,” she says. Outfitting a space with product that won’t stand the test of time wouldn’t make sense. To keep longevity at the forefront, the design team will evaluate lease term to make sure the product life will last the duration of the space.

Health and Wellness - Taking into account health and wellness in the workplace is a big part of the design process. “We look at creativity and productivity versus sitting at your desk with no blood flow,” says Filo. That means, beating the 3:00 slump, encouraging stand-up desks and installing collaborative work areas. If the design team doesn’t present these ideas as realistic options, who else will?

Utilization of Space - Understanding the usage of the space, privacy needs and workflow are huge aspects of the design process. First, the designers have to space plan for growth and expansion, while evaluating how the company works together. “We make sure our clients plan around their corporate hierarchy, plans for growth, privacy needs and more,” says Filo.

Branding - A business’s office space should be reflective of the industry and company culture. “We like to talk to them about who they are trying to be, and what’s cutting edge that they are trying to communicate,” says Minnick. Branding can be as simple as great signage in the entryway, an accent wall and company colors incorporated throughout the space. The sky's the limit.

For help designing your office space, don’t hesitate to contact Rightsize’s team of experts to guide you through the rules of office space design.

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