A Fast-Growing Tech Startup Opens its First Office

WRITTEN BY rightsize

When Rightsize began working with an innovative technology startup, it was in the midst of a period of significant growth and change. The company had just secured funding, and within the span of a few months, it had expanded its staff from four to 35 employees. Rightsize collaborated with the company’s CEO to PLAN and FURNISH a streamlined, modern space on a quick timeframe and a tight startup budget.

“We were able to provide a lot of value for them,” said Nick Weise, Vice President, Michigan Market Leader. “They had been considering buying furniture from a store where they’d have to handle all the assembly themselves, which wasn’t a good use of their time. We took care of all of the planning and installation, and this furniture is affordable but high-quality.”

The client envisioned a contemporary workspace that matched its innovative brand identity. Rightsize achieved this look by furnishing the open-plan area with remanufactured Herman Miller Ethospace and AO2 workstations with low panels. Meeting rooms and collaborative spaces featured walls coated with a dry erase board paint. Rightsize also designed a custom reception station with a colorful, curved table, and low benching made from refurbished workstations.

“The office is in a former high school that had old hardwood gym flooring,” said Weise. “Noise was going to be an issue, so we softened the space by adding carpet tiles. We used J+J Flooring tiles in the brand’s colors of gray and navy."

The startup is about to launch its first product and continue its growth. Its staff is already in talks with Rightsize as it looks for a new suite to accommodate 35 new employees – doubling the size of the company.

“It was exciting to be there from day one with a rapidly growing tech company, and getting to support that growth,” said Weise. 

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