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Guide to a Clutter-Free Workspace: Ways to make your work area more organized

In the age of the open floor plan, there are fewer walls by which to hide unwanted office clutter. But the super hip office space loses its luster when cords, paperwork and garbage litter the surfaces for all to see. When planning an open floor plan, there are tips and tricks to prepare your office space so it doesn’t end up looking like a war zone once everyone is up and running.  We asked Rightsize Account Manager Aryn Shaw to give us a few pointers for adding a little more order to the workspace.

She says to start with closed storage. “Having a closet or cabinet that can actually be closed can help hide some of the clutter,” she says. Many businesses are adding in lockers, which is a cool way to add some storage space while still maintaining that collaborative feel. The other option, is to add in wardrobe cabinets. “They don’t have to be wider than six or eight inches to fit a coat and briefcase, so they don’t take up a lot of space and can really help keep the work areas more organized.”

Cord management is also a big part of keeping office spaces from looking like the wild west. “Look for furniture that has integrated power so workers can plug right into their workstations or conference room tables,” says Shaw. As furniture continues to become more innovative, it can actually serve as a power source to make it easy to hide the electrical cords, while also being uber functional. This will keep cords from becoming a tangled mess underneath desks or out in the open.


Another way to reduce clutter is to take advantage of The Cloud. “Businesses no longer have to build out extensive server rooms that connect to each workstation,” says Shaw. Not sure what the cloud is? It refers to software and services that run on the internet instead of on your computer or localized server. So rather than having to utilize ethernet cords or hard drives, using wireless internet and cloud-based storage, employees can basically plug in anywhere. Reducing the reliance on servers make it easier for businesses to stay connected without depending on nuisance cabling.


Check back to the RightSource Blog for more tips on how to make your workspace more functional. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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