How to Brand a Sublease Space

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Many startups or small businesses will explore office space available for sublease, because oftentimes those options offer a reduced rental rate. However, in most cases sublease space is furnished already and branded for another user.  So if you’re a small business trying to create home sweet home, finding the right balance between the discounted rental rate that the sublease space affords and a customized work environment can be tough.

Here are 3 ways to brand a sublease space.

  1. Get permission from the landlord: Establish a relationship with the landlord to determine what rights you have to customize the furniture and design on the space. Most landlords are reasonable and will allow you to make minor changes to the space as long as it’s not on their dime. You might, however, have to restore the space to its original condition once the lease is over.
  2. Brand the sublease document: If you know in advance that rebranding your sublease space is on your bucket list, then write in the requested work into the sublease agreement. The document has to be approved by the landlord, so it is enforceable. Just make sure you are familiar with who owns the furniture and who is responsible for the space once the lease comes to an end.
  3. Extend the lease term: Instead of sticking with the original lease expiration offered in the sublease agreement, try to see if the landlord will extend directly with your business. Depending on the remaining term and for how long you’re willing to sign, the landlord might be willing to offer some additional concessions for furniture and design.

When you’ve figured out the legalities of branding your new sublease space, it’s time to think about how you want to stylize the workplace. Check out our Rightsize rules of office space design, or contact us and one of our reps to get you started.

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