Looking to Maximize Your Budget? Discover the Ins & Outs of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Cubicles

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Whether you are moving into a new building or expanding your existing space, furnishing an office can put a strain on your company’s budget.

Rightsize works with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, and we use our expertise to create the best possible solutions for every budget. Since buying all new furniture for an office isn’t always feasible, we typically recommend a BLENDED SOLUTION, which creatively combines pre-owned, refurbished and new office furniture. Given that cubicles, also known as workstations, are often a big portion of the office furniture budget, many companies save a significant amount of money by opting for pre-owned or refurbished cubicles instead of buying them brand new.

But there’s often confusion around these terms. In this post, we’ll answer a common question we hear from clients: what exactly is the difference between a pre-owned cubicle and a refurbished cubicle?

Pre-Owned Cubicles

Pre-owned cubicles have been previously used in other offices and are typically sold “as is” to other businesses looking for a cost-effective option. To obtain top-quality, pre-owned furniture, Rightsize’s facility services team decommissions the offices of Fortune 500 companies. We clean, tune-up and repurpose cubicles that are in good, quality condition – and reduce waste by keeping them out of landfills. However, since pre-owned cubicles are sold ‘as-is’, customers are not able to request adjustments to size configurations, fabrics, work surfaces or storage options. Pre-owned cubicles (as well as desks, chairs, storage solutions and conference furniture) are an affordable and eco-friendly option.

Refurbished Cubicles

Refurbished – or remanufactured - cubicles are popular with clients because they are not only cost-effective, they also look new and can be customized to match existing corporate branding. Rightsize expertly remanufactures cubicles by disassembling them completely to inspect and clean them, then repair any damages. We then reassemble and refinish the cubicles – using fabric, finishes, storage options and configurations that meet the client’s specifications. While costings more than pre-owned, refurbished cubicles oftentimes offer the best value for price because it looks like new, but is a fraction of the price of retail.

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