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Reclaimed wood furniture adds warmth, character and ambiance to any office. People are drawn to it for its eco-friendliness, as well as its versatility and aesthetic appeal. A sleek conference table conveys a sophisticated, contemporary look, while rough-hewn farmhouse table create a relaxed, communal atmosphere. The beauty of reclaimed wood is that each piece of furniture is unique, with its own story to tell.

Many of Rightsize’s clients want to incorporate reclaimed wood into their offices, and we are experts at finding the perfect fit to match each company’s brand and aesthetic.

WOODWORKSPACES is a division of Rightsize that provides a premier collection of top-quality, custom-made furnishings for commercial offices. All WOODWORKSPACES office furniture is handmade and sourced from local materials; it offers:

Expert Craftsmanship

The Master Builder began his career as a teenage apprentice in Amish Country Ohio, and has years of experience building exceptional furniture. Each piece of furniture is crafted using old-world methods of shaping and joinery, and all metals used come from skilled metalwork artisans in the Chicago area. 


WOODWORKSPACES makes the old new again with its beautiful reclaimed wood furniture. It promotes environmental sustainability by upcycling existing materials, as well as utilizing no-fume finishes, ranging from natural maple to charred oak.

Unique Design

There’s nothing mass-produced or boring about this collection. Each piece of furniture is its own work of art, contributing to an office’s timeless and on-brand look.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Offerings

WOODWORKSPACES builds custom furniture to meet your company’s specific needs. You communicate what you have in mind, and the team works with you to craft a one-of-a-kind piece to fit your vision. Some common furnishings WOODWORKSPACES provides are:

Conference Tables

Anything is possible for your conference room, from the polished, modern lines of tables with cutouts for power troughs or grommets, to artistic, vintage-inspired inlaid-wood surfaces.


WOODWORKSPACES helps you create an original and functional workspace for your employees, offering reclaimed wood benching systems, L-shaped desks with privacy screens, and customized storage solutions.

Communal Spaces

Shared areas, such as break rooms, huddle rooms and open-plan collaboration spaces, benefit from warm, reclaimed wood furnishings. WOODWORKSPACES offers large islands, communal tables, small meeting tables or spacious countertops in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Contact Rightsize to help plan your custom reclaimed wood office furniture.

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