A Streamlined Approach to Office Transitions

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Navigating a big logistical change in your office – whether you’re expanding, moving or downsizing – can be complicated or challenging at best, disruptive or disastrous at worst. It’s a process that has a lot of moving pieces, and it often takes more time and energy than anyone on your team has to spare.

Rightsize specializes in taking the headaches out of these office transitions. Through our PLAN services, we streamline each step of the process, from workflow analysis and space planning, to furniture procurement and installation. We have an accelerated delivery model that cuts out inefficiencies and defines every detail of a project. You leave the complications to us, and we make sure everything happens on time, and on budget.


Our Approach

Needs Analysis

The first step of our process focuses on getting to know your company, your team and your unique needs. Rightsize experts do a detailed evaluation of your office, from top to bottom. Our team interviews your employees and looks at how your business operates, and what your current and future goals are. We also study your office design, workflow, and IT setup. After we complete our analysis, we deliver a proposed plan that makes the best use of your space and budget, while allowing for change and growth.

Space Planning

Rightsize uses technology to make the planning process more efficient and collaborative. Our innovative software, the CoCreate space planning platform, decreases the number of emails, phone calls and meetings necessary to make decisions and move forward. You save both time and money, while staying involved with the project through shared screens displaying real-time visuals, layouts, schematics, 3D renderings and design features. At the end of just one CoCreate session, we will provide you with a workable floor plan and set the next steps in motion.

Budget Planning

Transparency is critical as we develop the project scope and projected budget. Our VIP+ PROGRAM offers tiered pricing adaptable to your company’s needs, ranging from $10 – $20+ per square foot. And Rightsize’s team makes sure you are informed about all expenses from the beginning, from furniture to fixtures.

Project Oversight

We act as a liaison between your company and our subcontracted vendors and manufacturers, handling any obstacles that arise and keeping the project moving along smoothly. Our team communicates with you constantly, keeping you informed about adjustments to the scope of work, and conducting asset valuation, contingencies, and building regulations when needed. Our top priority is completing your project as seamlessly as possible.

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