The Benefits of Using Pre-Owned Furniture

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3 Reasons why premium pre-owned office furniture could be the right solution for your business. 

In the market for new office furniture? Finding and purchasing furniture—new or old—can be quite the process. The cost of office relocation, space planning, and design, alone, can do a number on the budget. Companies find themselves selecting between new or pre-owned office furniture when it comes time to procure a selection of well-suited pieces. There are benefits to each, but many people think that pre-owned office furniture is poor quality or won't work for their business. Think again.

Here are 3 reasons why premium pre-owned office furniture could be the right solution for your business. 

  1. Cost Savings. The cost of new office furniture can be exorbitant, and much like cars, buying an item pre-owned does not mean it appears or operates as if it is worn. Quite possibly, the item may have never been used at all. The benefit is that your business can save from 50-60% of the cost of a “new” product and still have room in the budget to bring in additional amenities. Rightsize affiliate Office Furniture Center liquidates Fortune 500 companies nationwide to obtain the highest quality used assets so there is substantial availability to acquire furniture from big-name manufacturers.
  2. Sustainability. In addition to increased cost savings, using pre-owned furniture greatly reduces the impact of office furniture manufacturing and production on the environment. Reselling used furniture requires a fraction of the energy and labor that new furniture does. At Rightsize, we have a mission to minimize waste and maintain and eco-friendly approach. We’ll assist you in decommissioning your previous space and help you procure suitable pre-owned pieces for your new office so you can minimize your impact on the environment.
  3. Customization. Pre-owned office furniture allows the customer to fully curate a customized look for their work space. As a result of the cost savings with purchasing used pieces, we can also offer our customers the opportunity to refinish and reupholster pre-owned furniture to create an attractive office interior at an extremely cost-effective price. With our offering of hand-picked fabrics and finishes to the customer, we can ensure that the furniture will be well-suited for the space and match the existing corporate brand.

Interested in finding a selection of premium pre-owned furniture to fit into your current or new office? Rightsize has what you are looking for. Contact us to learn more.

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