3 Myths About Buying Used Office Furniture

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Why buying pre-owned office equipment isn’t as scary as you think.

There are definitely some things in life that shouldn't be bought used. Mattresses are one. Underwear and bathing suits? No way. But other times, buying something pre-owned is a great way to save money, while repurposing something that already exists. This is especially true with office furniture, and many savvy business people are taking advantage of a used furniture market that is equally as stylish as it is robust and customizable.

Not convinced? Rightsize is here to bust some myths about buying pre-owned office furniture
3 Myths About Buying Used Office Furniture

You Can’t Mix Old and New - The best part about buying pre-owned office furniture is the idea that you can mix and match. For example, a used bookcase could be priced at 50% or more off the new market values. That’s a lot of savings, especially if your business is into books. So buy those from the pre-owned market, and splurge on new office chairs. Not only will it add texture and substance to your workplace design strategy, it could save your business some serious dough.

You won’t be able to find the same style later - Say you buy five pre-owned workstations in the same style, and in a year or two you’re probably going to need to buy more because your business expands. Fear not, a reputable furniture vendor will have the resources to track down exactly what you’re looking for. Whether that means going to the original vendor directly, or scouring our massive 200,000 square foot warehouse, we can help make sure that your entire selection is seamless.

Pre-owned furniture cannot be customized - This is our favorite office furniture myth. Rightsize can customize and reconfigure pre-owned furniture so it fits exactly your taste and brand identity. From reupholstering the fabric on the chairs, to adjusting the height of the panels, we can take old furniture and make it look brand new. Don’t believe us? Check out our time lapse video below to see what we are talking about. And, check out our blog for more pointers on designing office space on a budget.

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