Five Timeless Design Trends

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Practical and classical design that will last for years

Continuously updating your office design can be taxing and expensive; however, planning ahead and incorporating timeless design elements can save you from spending aggressively to keep up on the latest trends. By basing your office on classic pieces of design, your likelihood for needing an office update every 5 to 10 years will be drastically diminished.

We rallied together five of the most timeless design trends that will keep your office in style for years to come.

Natural and Dramatic Lighting

Not only is great natural light a timeless look, but it’s also proven to boost the productivity and moods of your employees. If natural light is out of the question, go for it with bold light fixtures. This small change can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your space.


Black and White All Over

This classic color combination will never go out of style. Try it out as a neutral base and add in bold and colorful statement pieces. Or apply a dramatic foundation like black and white retro flooring or high contrast contemporary art and furniture pieces. The dynamic duo is versatile, stylish, and the most timeless component in design.


Wood Furniture, Mad Men Style

Beautiful wooden furniture will always exude elegance and power. The Mad Men style use of Scandinavian wood desks and chairs is a great example of how key wooden elements are not only durable in structure, but also in style. Check out this Jens Risom Walnut Veneer Credenza, available for sale at Relic Furniture Gallery right now


Bold and Creative Artwork

Whether it’s the focal point or scattered among the walls, artwork can inspire creativity and tap into the innovative right-brain. Mix it up to create an eclectic feel in the office. Swap the statement pieces out seasonally to keep things fresh for employees.



Metallic pieces are functional and versatile as interior elements to any space. Use metallics mixed with mirrors to reflect natural light into dimmed areas. Ranging from brass, to gold, to copper, to silver, metallics never go out of style and can add a contemporary allure to an older area or give an industrial feel to a soft space.


Interested in learning more about design trends that will stand the test of time? Contact us and one of our designers will point you in the right direction.

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