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Rightsize Facility Expands Into Milwaukee

Posted by rightsize on November 17, 2014

GlobeSt. covers Rightsize's Wisconsin expansion By  Brian J. Rogal |  Milwaukee...

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Signs It’s Time for New Office Furniture

Posted by rightsize on November 14, 2014

  When it’s time to furnish an old office with new furniture. As a business owner, pulling the trigger on new furniture sometimes requires ...

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Clutter-Free Workspace

Posted by rightsize on November 11, 2014

Guide to a Clutter-Free Workspace: Ways to make your work area more organized In the age of the open floor plan, there are fewer walls by which to ...

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Scary Office Spaces

Posted by rightsize on October 31, 2014

  In honor of Halloween, Rightsize looks at what office design decisions will come back to haunt you An office space with out of date decor and ...

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5 Rules of Office Space Design

Posted by rightsize on October 28, 2014

  Office design rules to live by Designing the perfect office isn’t quite as easy as 1-2-3. Quality designers have a process, a method of approaching ...

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Hope Manor II Opens Its Doors

Posted by rightsize on October 24, 2014

  Hope Manor II opens to provide housing for veterans and their families To start, we want to congratulate our client Volunteers of America on the ...

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The Anatomy of the Workstation

Posted by rightsize on October 21, 2014

  Rightsize breaks down the essential elements of the workstation The workstation is one of the most talked about, debated and celebrated elements of ...

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Meet the Team: Stuart Roat

Posted by rightsize on October 17, 2014

  Take a minute to get to know Rightsize Senior Project Manager Stuart Roat. Meet the Team is the Rightsize way of showcasing our employees who make ...

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Office Move Disasters

Posted by rightsize on October 14, 2014

  There are a lot of things can go wrong in an office relocation, especially if you make these common mistakes....

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