Top 5 Tips for Branding a Subleased Space

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Renting a subleased commercial space is an appealing option for many small businesses or startups. It offers clear benefits to companies on a budget as it’s usually available for a discounted rental rate and flexible terms.

The spaces are often equipped with furniture and equipment that occupants can use to hit the ground running. While that can be helpful, it also presents limitations, particularly related to customizing the space and making it your own.

Rightsize knows the ropes and we’ve helped a number of clients make adjustments and modifications to subleased space. Our team has outlined our top five tips to brand your space without overstepping any boundaries. 

Get Clear

First things first – talk to your landlord to understand the rules and limitations on how much you can customize the space. Can you request to remove some furniture to make room for your choices? Are you allowed to paint or do any build-outs? What restrictions are flexible, and which are non-negotiable? Many landlords will let you make minor changes to the workspace if you cover expenses.

Get it in Writing

A verbal agreement is a great start, but you need to put everything you discuss into your sublease document. Write in all the specifics, including if you need to restore the space to its original condition once you move out.

Go Temporary

You can incorporate branded elements into your subleased space, even if you’re prohibited from making major changes. Keep an eye out for temporary additions or modifications that will have a positive impact, such as colorful wall decals, throw rugs, framed prints, or modern light fixtures. Swap out a few select furnishings, or cover sofas and armchairs with new slipcovers that showcase the color(s) of your logo.

Be Selective

If the landlord has only made a few concessions for you to personalize the office, be strategic about how you take advantage of them. For instance, if you are allowed to paint but know the walls must go back to white when your lease is up, go with an accent wall in a bold color—you get the modern touch without having to do much when your lease is up.


Instead of sticking to the original lease expiration offered in the sublease agreement, try to extend directly with the landlord. If you’re a good tenant and the landlord sees the benefit of keeping you around, you may be able to reduce limitations on how you can customize and furnish the space.

Interested in customizing your office space? Contact Rightsize to learn more about our PLAN, FURNISH, SERVICE expertise.

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