Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Posted by rightsize on May 27, 2014

  How to make sure that the furniture procurement process runs smoothly. Buying new office furniture is one of the most exciting aspects of ...

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Ten Ways to Get More Comfortable at Work

Posted by rightsize on May 19, 2014

  Rightsize tips to create a healthy and enjoyable work environment Few people click their heels together, repeating there’s no place like work, ...

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Office Design on the Cheap

Posted by rightsize on May 16, 2014

  Bringing design features to your office space doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds. Adding elements of design to your office space can make ...

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Rightsize Sizes Up

Posted by rightsize on May 15, 2014

  In recent acquisition, Rightsize adds assets and suburban team lead to growing platform This week Rightsize Facility Performance announced the ...

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Opening Your First Office

Posted by rightsize on May 13, 2014

  In honor of Small Business Week, Rightsize has put together some pointers about how to open your first office....

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Helping Your Clients Move Offices

Posted by rightsize on May 09, 2014

  When your client moves offices, there are ways to help the process run smoothly. After the lease negotiations are completed and the new office ...

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Creating a Productive Office Environment

Posted by rightsize on May 06, 2014

 How Furniture and Design Choices Can Impact Your Bottom Line As featured in Small Business CEO....

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Out with the Old: Signs It's Time for New Office Furniture

Posted by rightsize on April 28, 2014

Rightsize put together a list of  signs your business might be in need of a furniture face-lift or office re-design. Out with the Old When it’s time ...

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Buying Refurbished Office Furniture

Posted by rightsize on April 25, 2014

Buying refurbished office furniture can save money, without sacrificing quality. If there ever was a question of how buying refurbished office ...

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